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Smoke With Other "Users" In Our Virtual Seshes

"The app isn't just your every day app, it's a home with real family members who care and listen to each other, getting each other threw any hard times, and the best thing it's all formed from the love of cannabis. Whether on a early morning sesh, or last thing at night sesh, there's always someone to smoke with. Just give it a try, be open minded and get involved and the family you make here will be there forever. It's truly a community." Mark123

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The Fastest Growing Marijuana Social Media App For Stoners & Weed Lovers Worldwide

Our pot smoking app is the 420 social media app for recreational marijuana users and medical marijuana users alike. What makes our app different is EVERY P0ST BY EVERY USER CAN BE VIEWED BY EVERYONE on the app's 420 Worldwide page.

We encourage our "users" to post weed related pictures, links and videos with content including medical marijuana facts and resources. marijuana legalization information, funny pot memes, weed art, funny stoner videos, daily marijuana news, weed porn and anything else our "users" want to share with the international cannabis community.

We are excited to launch our VIRTUAL SESH feature, which will allow our "users" to virtually smoke with other "users" from around the world 24 hours a day. You can use the START A SESH button to invite up to 5 other "users" to join you in a SESH, or you can click the JOIN A SESH button to see all the SESHES that are currently going on and request to join any of them with 5 "users" OR less.

Browse through thousands of pages of 420 and cannabis related links in our Information section, where our staff constantly uploads all of the best marijuana content form around the internet.

The latest cannabis news stories are posted daily so everyone can stay on top of the lasted marijuana news stories of the day. You can even win money for being a stoner in our Contest section.

Come meet, follow and get to know thousands of stoners from around the world and see what happens when social media meets the wonderful world of cannabis in a positive (and anonymous) setting.

Available now in the iTunes and Google Play store for iPhones and Android mobile phones.

** For the Android update please delete the current version of the app on your phone prior to downloading.

Thanks Tommy Chong For All Your Support

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  • Virtual SESHESVirtual SESHES

    VIRTUAL SESHES allow our "users" to virtually smoke with other "users" from around the world 24 hours a day.

  • 420 Worldwide 420 icon

    Check out the main feed that posts EVERY post by EVERY "user". This is what makes PotSmoking.com a brand new form of social media. Everyone's posts have the ability to be seen by all the "users" on the app.

  • Weed Feed pot leaf icon

    Post whatever you want your followers to see on their Weed Feed. Check out what the people you follow are up to.

  • TOP 500 TOP 500 icon

    Check out the TOP 500 posts on the app to find the best posts ever uploaded on the app.Check out the TOP 500 posts on the app to find the best posts ever uploaded on the app.

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  • Information legalization info icon

    Search through thousands of links in our Information section ranging from legalization petitions to medical marijuana information, from weed strains to growing tips. We make finding all the best shit on the web easy for endless hours of stoner fun.

  • weed contestsEnter Our Contests

    You don’t need to have millions of followers to make money on social media. Enter our sponsored cash contests to win money with your funny videos, songs, comedy, pictures or whatever the latest contests are about.

  • User iconYour Profile

    Customize your profile to include whatever information you want to share with other "users". If you live in a legal state or country, you may choose to use the app differently than an anonymous "user".

  • weed hashtags Search Our Hashtags

    Click on our custom hashtags to find all your favorite types of pictures and videos.

PotSmoking.com… where you can just be yourself

Have a few questions?

Of course you do. We've got answers! We've collected frequently asked questions.

How can I win money on PotSmoking.com?

As a member of our community, “users" have the ability to enter one item into the contests listed under under the Contest List section on the $ drop down menu. Winners are notified after a contest finishes. Funds are then sent to the winners via Paypal, Venmo or other online payment methods.

What happens to the content when the contest ends?

All of the content is archived in the Contest Archive section and can be viewed by "users" at any time. The winner of the contest will always have their item posted at the top of the contest entries.

What kind of contests can I expect to see?

We really try to give our “users” an almost shock jock radio show kind of feeling. You can expect cool / ridiculous shit like "Funniest Original Two Minutes Of Comedy”, “Best Prank Of Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend Caught On Video”, "Most Disgusting Food Eaten On Camera”, “Best Original Song Parody”, “Funny Signs”, “Best Short Film About Smoking Pot”, “Funniest Original Cartoon About Smoking Pot”, “Funniest Pet Videos”… I think you get the idea. Pretty much anything goes and we will do "everything we can" to come with ridiculous ideas.

Where is the App Available?

Currently our PotSmoking.com marijuana lifestyle community social media mobile application is available in both Apple iTunes and Google Play store for both iOS and Android phones.

How much does it cost to enter the contests?

FREE!!!!!! Let our investors and sponsors get you paid!!!!!!